Brea Seaburg, DNP is a health provider at The Prevention Center

Brea Seaburg, DNP, ARNP

Cardiovascular Prevention Specialist

I am a doctorally trained nurse practitioner with more than 10 years experience working in a variety of clinical roles. My career has allowed me to work with varied patient populations, including those recently suffering a catastrophic event (heart attack or stroke), those who have recently become aware of their risk for heart disease, those living with a chronic illness (IBD), and those in the midst of battling cancer. I believe that partnership and active engagement of patients in their health is the key to transforming the way we deliver healthcare. I believe in the democratization of my patient’s health data to allow for true engagement in the wellness process. A yearly snapshot of fasting lab work is not enough to inspire lasting change. I am a certified culinary medicine specialist, with a special interest in cardiovascular disease prevention and reversal of insulin resistance. My goal is to help my patients understand the power of their decisions to either create illness or create optimal, lifelong health.