Our mission is to save hearts, brains and lives

Our team is passionate about helping you LIVE Well at every age. Some of our patients feel passionate about the work we do too and wanted to share their thoughts below. When you are ready, we want to help you too. We can make a difference together.

Surviving a Heart Attack

“When I had a near-fatal heart attack at age 40 that other doctors couldn’t explain, Dr. Doneen figured out WHY it happened: I carry the 9P21 “heart attack gene.” Thanks to her superb, personalized care, I’m now celebrating 17 years of being heart attack, stroke and worry free, despite my genetic risk. She’s given me a bonus round in life—and I’m determined to make the most of it!

~ Camille Z

Struggled With High Blood Pressure

“Without Dr. Doneen, I wouldn’t be here today. I used to struggle with high blood pressure, my triglycerides were through the roof, and I was prediabetic. At The Prevention Center, I got the guidance and treatment I needed to save my life. Instead of being a heart attack or stroke waiting to happen, now I can walk into a room with other 66-year-olds and feel confident that nobody else is in as great shape as I am.”

~Dwayne N

Survived Two Heart Attacks

“After I had TWO heart attacks in the same week at age 37—despite having none of the usual risk factors–I prayed for a medical Sherlock Holmes. Dr. Doneen is a true expert in women’s heart health and ordered the right tests to solve the mystery. I have an inherited cholesterol disorder most doctors don’t check for. She also worked closely with my ob/gyn to ensure that I had a safe, healthy pregnancy. When my son was born, four years after my heart attacks, I was over the moon with joy and texted her from the delivery room saying, ‘Wow, we did it! Thanks so much for getting us here!’”

~Juli T

Family History Of Heart Disease

“I have a family history of heart disease, so when I started having a lot of unexplained fatigue, I decided to get evaluated at The Prevention Center. I was shocked when an arterial scan showed that I had the arteries of a 66-year-old man when I was only 53. Along with comprehensive testing, I received a very detailed treatment plan, including a diet-and-exercise plan based on my DNA. I feel very confident that the care I’m getting has helped me avoid a widow-maker heart attack like the one my father suffered. 

~Matt T.

High Risk For Heart Disease

“I’m at high risk for heart disease and diabetes—and that terrified me. After three years of treatment with Dr. Leimgruber at The Prevention Center, I feel better at age 49 than I did in my 20s and 30s. My stamina has increased, I’m mentally sharper, and in the morning, I wake up right away instead of struggling to get out of bed. Unquestionably, the BaleDoneen Method has saved my life—and greatly enhanced it!”

~Rick M