Lifestyle and Cooking Classes

With Monika Jacobson, RDN

Cooking healthy food is important for longevity

Monika Jacobson, RDN

Join Monika, our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Director of Lifestyle Health, for group lifestyle classes and interactive Zoom cooking class.

Now offering classes to Continuing Care patients and individuals outside the Prevention Center. All are welcome!

Monika has been teaching group lifestyle classes in various settings for over 15 years. She has taught nearly 100 cooking classes to both corporations and individuals.  Zoom Cooking Class is highly engaging, educational, always fun, and a productive way to get healthy cooking done! 

Lifestyle Classes

Come to the clinic in person (space limited) or meet us on Zoom!

Gluten Free Eating Made Easy

Gluten free eating reduces inflammation in the body

 Learn key strategies for eating gluten free, cooking without gluten at home and travel/ restaurant tips for on-the-go.

July 10, 2024 12pm - 1pm Pacific Time

Navigating Menopause

Women can thrive in all stages of menopause

Let‘s talk about women‘s hormonal changes in midlife and lifestyle strategies to help you (or your partners) thrive in midlife and beyond. 

July 16, 2024 12pm - 1pm Pacific Time

Optimizing Your Gut Health

Optimizing gut health is important for health and preventing disease

Let’s talk gut health-from digestion, to the microbiome and lifestyle strategies to improve your gut health.  

July 18, 2024 12pm - 1pm Pacific Time

Your Genes and Your Lifestyle

Your DNA guides dietary recommendations to prevent heart and brain disease.

We will review how lifestyle behaviors and your genetics intersect and learn actionable ways to optimize your health.  

July 24, 2024 12pm - 1pm Pacific Time

Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) 101

A continuous glucose monitor can help manage blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes.

Learn why and how we utilize data from a CGM, discuss FAQs, review how to interpret your data, and optimize your glycemic health. 

July 31, 2024 12pm - 1pm Pacific Time

More Classes Coming Soon!

We are excited to add more topics about lifestyle strategies to prevent disease and improve your health.

Check back here!

Zoom Cooking Classes

Meet us on zoom from the comfort of your own kitchen

Black Bean Soup with Slaw & Blackberry Crisp (GF)

Online Zoom cooking classes to learn healthy eating and optimize wellness.

This simple soup comes together in minutes! It’s topped with an orange, cucumber and avocado slaw. Dessert is a low sugar treat with fresh summer berries. 

July 9, 2024 6pm Pacific Time

Caribbean Shrimp Tacos & Banana Ice Cream (GF)

Online Zoom cooking classes are a way to learn easy recipes.

It’s taco night! This time with a tropical twist! And dessert is a non-dairy “ice cream” using only a few ingredients. Another warm weather menu you’ll love!

July 29, 2024 6pm Pacific Time

More Classes Coming Soon!

August and September cooking classes will be announced shortly. 

Check back here for updates!