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Heart & Brain Health

Knowing Complexities of LDL Cholesterol And Its Effects On Health

Lipoprotein(a): New kid on the block, or a well-known foe?

Our commitment to comprehensive cardiovascular care has been steadfast for more than 20 years; this includes evidence-based genetic testing. One genetic test garnering recent public attention is lipoprotein(a), an inherited lipid disorder affecting around 23%

Its been shown that many high performing athletes compete despite having type 1 diabetes and many succeed in large events!

Our own Brea Seaburg runs NY Marathon, despite having Type 1 Diabetes

Please read this story from The Spokesman-Review about Prevention Center for Heart & Brain Health nurse practitioner Brea Seaburg, who recently ran the New York Marathon! As Brea said: “I don’t want to be defined

Uncover the role of community in health. Learn about the importance of community for enhancing well-being.

Lessons from the Blue Zones: The Vital Role of Community

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Discover the benefits and uses of Colchicine. Find out how this medication can help with a variety of medical conditions.

Low-Dose Colchicine: Another tool in the BDM toolbox

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Stay protected with up-to-date vaccines. Ensure your immunity with the latest updates and maintain your health.

Autumn is a Good Time to Review and Update Your Vaccines

Fall has arrived — along with school, colds, coughs, and infections. Take the smart steps now to keep yourself healthy and thriving! We all love fall, with the return of routine, cozy seasonal meals and

Combining different foods has a much larger impact on controlling blood sugar than you may think, follow along as we show you the way.

Food Pairing: A Simple Strategy for Stabilizing Blood Sugar and Lowering Oxidative Stress

The more we learn about the integral role blood glucose and insulin levels play in our overall health, the more we feel the need to lean into the simple but effective strategies for stabilizing the

Lifestyle, Nutrition, & Recipes

Protein Plate

Protein: How much do you really need?

By Monika Jacobson, RDNDirector of Lifestyle Health One of the most frequent questions I hear from patients is, “How much protein do I need?” Many people have heard conflicting and confusing recommendations related to protein

Natural Aphrodisiacs With Balsamic Chicken And Figs

Natural Aphrodisiacs: Balsamic Chicken with Figs

In the spirit of February and Valentine’s Day we are focusing on aphrodisiac foods! Do they really work to increase libido and help “set the mood?” When looking at the nutritional content of proclaimed aphrodisiacs,

Heart Healthy Recipe for Soda Water And Bitters

Soda Water & Bitters

This no-frills mocktail matches the appearance of a whiskey cocktail such as an Old Fashioned without the sugar or booze. Try different flavors of bitters to switch up the taste profile! Ingredients: 4 oz soda

Grapefruit Thyme Sparkler Recipe For Heart Health

Grapefruit Thyme Sparkler

Adapted from The Mindful Mocktail Makes 1 full mocktail with enough honey thyme syrup for 4 mocktails Looking for a non-boring way to spice up your Friday night without the hangover or sugar bomb of

Heart Healthy Recipe For Gingerbread Energy Bites

Gingerbread Energy Bites

Feeling the sugar rush this holiday season? Us too, and it can be a lot! But let’s face it: Sometimes a sweet treat can be nice, especially when everyone around you is indulging in the

Eating what you want doesn't have to take a toll on your health. Follow us for more blood-sugar friendly recipes and tips!

A Blood Sugar Friendlier take on NYC Pizza

In honor of the New York City Marathon, AND Diabetes Awareness month, in November we are featuring a blood-sugar friendlier pizza. This pizza crust is a cinch and comes together in minutes without needing time